1. Fred

    “On Riga’s roof !A trendy and nice bar with an absolutely top wiew over Riga Town.Laid back music(cafe del mar etc.) Its no problem sitting there for many Hours. Cheap prises on drinks and food. We where three guys from Norway visiting the city 12-15 oktober. This was one of the highlights on this trip, especially thanks to one special waitress, she was beutiful, and made our stay suburb!!thanks, we’ll be back. regards Fred 15 oktober “

  2. Dennis

    “”TOP” location on the 26th florr of the very good hotel I am staying in. View is fantastic, nice music etc. Prices are “normal” considering the bar is in a 5* hotel. (11 euro for 1 vodka /coke and 1 jack daniels). Nice waitresses, plenty of seats although even on Monday’s it was full! Stop nagging about expensive prices, it is still enormously cheaper then in our own capitals London or Amsterdam…”

  3. Kersti

    It is 3* hotel 🙂 But yes, Skyline bar is great to meet new people. It is a MUST to go there every time I visit Riga, will be back again 23.11 🙂 Kersti”

  4. averin

    “A great place with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Didn’t think it was expensive at all as we visited many other places during our 5 day visit that had higher prices and worse waitresses and atmosphere. Really recommend the Skyline bar if you are out after something special that it can offer.”

  5. Mark Bradshaw

    “It’s a fantastic place to have a drink (or many!) with friends before hitting the city nightclubs!”

  6. Eva Quirinius

    “Fantastic place! The new overlooking the old. Great view. Prices are quite OK (4 Lats = 5.60 Euro for a Midnight Dream cocktail), no entrance fee, great atmosphere with efficient & friendly waitresses.”

  7. Thieo

    “Good place. Good elevator. Good altitude. Good view on the old city. Good prices. Good cocktails. Good place to start your night out in Riga!”

  8. James D.

    If you want to look at Riga from the bird’s eye, this is a place to go.

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