Welcome To Barona Street – The Longest Shopping Street In The Baltic States

This is a slogan of Barona Street – a newly started initiative to promote Barona Street of Riga as the busiest shopping street in the Baltics. And we hope it receives a well-deserved success. Everyone enjoys a slow walk down the Barona Street especially during warm days of spring and summer when it’s beautifully sunlit. And since it’s quite wide and open road with less car traffic passing by due to tram lines splitting it in the middle, it’s a lot nicer to enjoy this street on foot.

And what could be better than combining a slow walk with some shopping experience! Indulge yourself into the world of retail therapy with various worldwide and local brands. Adidas, Benetton, Ecco, Camel Active, Caramelles, Charles&Keith, Daniele Donati, Max Mara, Milano – these are just a few of those well-known names of stores that you can visit while walking down the street. And if after all, you are after a mall it’s there too. A short walk and in the middle of the Barona street you will find Barona Centrs, a nice and cosy shopping mall with another wide selection of brands in clothing, fashion, cosmetics, presents and accessories. And that’s not just it – bike store, pharmacies, beauty and videogames stores, opticians, liquor and wine stores and even a casino – Barona shopping street has a lot to offer.

While spending a day of a retail therapy in Riga, you would definitely like to sit down and have a drink of coffee or wine and a snack. This won’t be a problem to find on Barona Street – coffee shops Cofee Inn, Galerija Istaba Cafe, various confectioneries and bakeries like June, Vecrīga, frozen yoghurt store YoYo and even a vegetarian hindu kitchen Hanumans Rāma. Pretty Impressive, huh?

And not to mention that Barona Street lies through the heart of the Riga centre, which means you can visit so many other shops and boutiques located conveniently on little streets next to it.

So, if you are travelling to Riga this year, are after some shopping experience and not too keen to spend the sunny day in the mall – make sure you pay a visit to Barona Street.

For more info please visit the official website of Barona Street: www.baronastreet.com

Getting there

By ferry
There are direct ferries (Tallink) from Stockholm, Sweden. The Riga Passenger Port (Juras pasazieru stacija) is situated at the heart of the city.

By plane
The Riga International Airport (RIX) has daily arrivals and departures to both the Baltic States and most major European cities. The airport is at Jurmala, 14km (8mi) west of the city centre. It is possible to obtain a visa at the airport according to the state regulations on immigration. Most of the airlines that land here have also their offices at the airport.

By bus
There are direct buses to Riga from all the Nordic Counties and Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania. The Bus Station (Autoosta) is just south of the Old Town in the middle of the city.

By train
You can take trains to Moscow, St Petersburg , Minsk and many other cities in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Riga’s main train station (Centrala Stacija) are close to the Bus Station in easy walking distance.


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