Riga Synagogue built in 1905 is the only surviving Jewish prayer house in Riga. Currently it is the main meeting place for the 12,000-strong Latvian Jew community.

During the WW2 Nazi occupation the Synagogue was used as a warehouse and some of its valuables were stolen and vandalised, however most of the sacred scrolls and other treasures were well hidden and escaped destruction. Originally the main German intention was to burn this building, but again most probably due to its close proximity to other houses and a risk of setting fire in the Old Town it was spared. During Soviet era it was also one of the few largest Synagogues and one of the four having a choir in the USSR.

Synagogue is a must-see for everybody who is interested in the Jewish history of Riga and Latvia.


Peitavas 6/8,
Old Town, Riga


Phone: +371 67 21 45 07
Website: www.jews.lv

Working Hours

Sun – Fri: 10:00-16:00
Sat: Closed




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