“Baltu Rotas” is a store that makes and sells handmade jewellery in style of the ancient Baltic tribes and “embodies ancient roots as well as original interpretations of a rich history and an endless future” as they claim.
They also say:

This jewelry is meant to be carried, not just worn. It brings wisdom to the receiver, not only meaning attributed by the giver. This jewelry tells a story, not just the jangle of metal and stones. This jewelry is that of the Baltic peoples. From our ancient beginnings to today – from our hands to yours.

You will also find a very interesting exhibition as part of the store called “Tornis” with copies of Baltic and Scandinavian adornments from 2-13 centuries and modern jewellery with ancient ornaments and motives collected and hosted by Inita and Vitauts Straupe characterising Latvia and its ancient inhabitants “livs” and “cours” residing parts of Zemgale.


Grecinieku street 11/2
Old Riga, Opposite the entrance of St.Peter’s church


Website: www.balturotas.lv
Phone number: +371 67 220 270
E-mail: info@balturotas.lv

Working Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10.00-19.00
Sunday: closed


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