Заголовок блока
According to the most recent information, unfortunately, but this place is permanently closed.

Since the times of Columbus brought tobacco to Europe, Europeans smoke anything that is burning and smoking.

In the “Up In Smoke” bar everything is organised with an idea of making sure smokers do not feel dis-empowered inside the bar, which is decorated with the spirit of DaYVay and with psychedelically art landscapes across the walls.

There is a special place the bar for smokers as well as several booths for those who are smoking hookah and water-pie. The bar regularly conducts gigs and lectures about sub-cultures and history of smoking tobacco.

Very cheap beer and an impressive variety of high quality tea make it a popular place for local creative folks and “junkies” 🙂

Vecpilsetas 8, Riga
Phone: +371 29840640
Working hours: Mon-Sun 9.00 – 24.00,
COUSINE: International


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