Shop, cafe, bar “Pērle” (Pearl) is one of the fiew trendy places in Riga that young folks love. The word “perle” means “pearl” in English, however the name of the place comes from the name of a slum “La Perla” in Puerto Rico.

Created in in the same concept of other hipster places around the world, inspired by trendy 80s and looking like one of those places of Dalston and Shoreditch areas in London or Brooklyn in New York, “Perle” continues the trend in Riga.

Inside you will find a store for vintage closes, modern accessories and presents, as well as a cafe to have a coffee, juice or tea during the day, while in the evening it will become a place to hang out with louder music, darker lights and boozier guests.

It is a great place to chillax during the day, to read a book, magazine or surf the web with their free WiFi. Also you can have a meeting, as they have a little upstairs loft room for those who want to do a loud talking. Prices are also quite democratic.

Every Thursday and Friday these guys conduct special events – usually on Thursday it’s a live jazz, and on Friday a DJ set. But if you are interested in who is playing – check their Twitter for the set list.


Tērbatas 65,
Riga, Town Center, LV 1001


Phone number: +371 29338007

Working hours

Mon-Tue 10.00 – 21.00,
Wed 10.00 – 24.00,
Thu-Sat 11.00 – 02.00,
Sun : – closed


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