Заголовок блока
According to the most recent information, unfortunately but this place is permanently closed.

Hospitalis Bar Restaurant is an extraordinary hospital-themed bar and restaurant. Or sometimes called by the tourists as the “drug store pub” 😀

The food at Hospitalis consists mostly of continental European selections and salads. (We’ve heard of health food but this is ridiculous. Bada bing!) An entree with appetizer and drink will set you back around Ls. 15 (which is about €21 or US$27 or about US$24,973 less than it costs to visit a real hospital in America).

Hospitalis also has a small “crazy menu” with entrees like liver-filled quail that are prepared in such a way as to resemble something that might have been surgically extracted from a person. You have to sign an indemnity waiver before ordering anything from the “crazy menu” (no, that’s not a joke) so here’s to hoping that the liver they fill the quail with isn’t being removed from you.

Though you can order a “normal” meal at Hospitalis be prepared to eat it with syringes, scalpels and other surgical utensils. In that same vein (pun), drinks are served in the likes of test tube vials and I.V. bags. If you are the designated driver but can’t resist getting a drink then ordering a Corona beer in a urine sample jar should ensure that you’ll be sober for the trip home.

It is decorated with a collection of medical equipment that create a surreal atmosphere inside. To spice up your dinner go for “crazy menu” where you’re bound in a straight jacket and fed by one of sexy nurse-waitresses.

Prepared using http://travel.spotcoolstuff.com/riga/unusual-restaurant/medical-hospitalis info


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