Riga Dome Cathedral or as also known in Latvia as “Rīgas Doms” or also “Doma Baznīca” is the largest place of worship in Latvia and the Baltics. It’s size is about 187 x 43 metres, and walls two metres thick.

Riga Cathedral is a home for one of the biggest organs in Europe (6,768 pipes) with an amazing and rich sound. Riga had obtained an instrument, with good reason prouding itself upon to this very day – an organ built by the famous German organ building company E.F.Walcker & Co, being the greatest and most modern in Europe at that time. Although he has never been here, Franz Liszt knew this instrument pretty well; he wrote a chorale “Nun danket alle Gott” to the event of dedication of the organ.

You can see a difference in levels between the “Cathedral Square” (“Doma Laukums” in Latvian) and the foundation of the church. The church is much lower in level, which is a result of the city’s growth in time.

Currently, the cathedral is going through a major renovations process, however it is open to the public. The price of the ticket also includes access to its Romanesque cloister.

Paying a visit to this magnificent building, seeing the organ with your eyes and feeling the spirit of the inside is definitely one of the Top 10 things to see when visiting Riga.


Herdera laukums 6,
Old Town, Riga

Working Hours

Daily: 10:00 – 17:00

Admission: 2Ls


Phone number; +371 67 213213
E-mail: doms@doms.lv
Website: www.doms.lv


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