Bars, Pubs and places to have a drink

Indeed, Riga really has It all to offer when it comes to the bars, pubs and cocktail places to have a drink. You can have an expensive cocktail in the Old Town on a terrace with a view, as well as a super cheap beer in the student-place right next door in some cellar bar. Great variety of budget-places for both locals and travellers as well as only those focusing on tourists with loads of girls chasing men and their wallets. This section cover tips and tricks for the bars, pubs and cocktail places.

On foreign language:

There was a time when you could have ended up paying a bit more for your drink, when asking for your drink in English, especially in the “off the beaten track” places or in night clubs, however everything is changing now and it is not a case anymore. But still, make sure you always ask a price in advance and a receipt after your order.

On tips:

Unless otherwise noted, tips are usually not asked to be paid in bars or cafes. Riga is not New York, and you don’t have to pay an obligatory tip unless your really want to do it yourself.

On credit card charges:

You might see sometimes in some places they say “We only take cards accepted when you spend over 10 EUR” or so… But don’t panic and start running around in search of an ATM. That’ not entirely true, in most cases they can take your card even when you pay for one beer (2 EUR), however you might need to have a nice chat with a bar tender to get that deal.


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