Have you ever jumped with a parachute? How many times have you asked this question. It’s time for a real extreme. Are you ready to experience the thrill of the 007 James Bond? This is your chance!

20 minutes of preparation and the plane will lift you up to a height of 4000m. Jumping from a height of 4 km away – you have the opportunity to understand the reason why people are engaged with it – a free fall! You’ll glide above the earth like a bird, and experience the feeling of complete freedom.

During descent you will be able to direct the parachute, but all you need – is to relax and enjoy the fall. Previous experience is not required.

The skydiving site is located in Daugavpils, approx. 3 hours drive from Riga centre.


From €70 per person


Min group size: 5 people


May – September


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