Located at 53km from Riga, Sigulda is one of the most beautiful areas in Latvia, also called as “Latvian Switzerland”.

Silgulda has a 800 years of cultural and historical heritage, being the most popular Latvian touristic rout over the last century, beloved among foreigners and locals. Sigulda is famous with it’s beautiful and qunique nature which looks brilliant any time of the year. It’s is also the main ski resort, place for hiking, active holidays ski/snowboarding activities of Latvia. You can also experience a tour to the former secret Soviet bunker with a missile launching shaft.

Things you will see

Museum-reservation “Turaida”

1. Visiting active wooden 18th century churches.
2. Visit the largest historical museum in the Baltic States from the 12th century to the present day
(79000 items – archaeological artefacts).
3. Visiting main spectating tower with a breathtaking view on the reservation (the ancient valley of the Gauja).
Sigulda stone figures

4. Visiting the “Park of folk songs,”. Explore the 26 sculptures placed there and hear stories about them.


Gutmana Cave
the most visited cave in the Baltic countries and the largest cave in Latvia with a rill that regarded as a “saint”. Hear the legend of “Turaide Rose” and the stories that took place in this cave.

Sigulda Council
Sigulda castles
Sigulda castle was build by Crusaders in 1207. You will see the remained ancient church there and the summer stage. But that’s not all.
You will discover new Sigulda Castle, built in the 19th century for the great Russian prince Kropotkin family, where Sigulda council is situated nowadays.

You will also have an opportunity to take a ride on cable car and enjoy the stunning view on Sigulda from the top. Maybe some of you can prove you braveness and try some bungee jump from it.

Or if you feel some lack of adrenaline and take a ride on bobsleigh?


From € 30 per person

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