Blue Cow Backpackers Hostel is a quality & social backpackers hostel located in the Riga’s Old Town, that tends to attract a lot of students from ERASMUS program, who quite often stay there for several months while in search of a more longer term flat-based accommodation.

The atmosphere this place offers is quite fun, which you can feel after spending some time in the lounge area. They have a communal lounge and a kitchen where you can cook breakfasts and dinners. What we also liked that all linens and towels in the room are free!

The name “Blue Cow” comes from the tribe of ancient Latvian tribe “Livs” (almost extinct now, but back in the days used to inhabit large territories on the Western Latvian coast) that used to grow this breed and even had a legend about it:

An old legend says that Blue Cows used to live in the sea and would come out briefly before the sunrise to graze on the seaside grass. Then, once upon a time, The Mother of the Sea (Juras Mate) gave some of them as gifts, to families of Liv fishermen who had died in a storm.

“Blue Cows” nearly got extinct during the period of 40s-80ies and less than 100 of them survived. But starting from 90s Latvia and the “UN Food and Agriculture Organization” have begun an effort to preserve The Blue Cows and increase their population.

“The Blue Cow Hostel” has many various rooms, starting from a dorm for 20 people in each and ending with separate “Single” or “Double rooms” with shared bathroom. The staff of the hostel is also very friendly and fun. Location right in the heart of the Riga’s Old town is perfect for a city exploration.

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Level 3, Torņa street 4-2B
Old Town, Riga, LV-1050


Phone number: +371 2773 6700
Skype: blue.cow.barracks

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