Come and join the E-City Code Game for an interactive and enlightening insight into your chosen City. Searching for clues and some hidden treasures in race against time to beat your adversaries, the E-City Code Game is both fun and exciting giving you the opportunity to discover the secrets and myths behind your City. The E-City Code Game by Travel Out There is a great way to see how your team works together in a fun but challenging environment, all teams will be given prizes and the tour will end with a presentation! May the best team win!

Guide and assistant meets the group at their hotel and brief them. Each team gets a an Tablet (IPAD) to interact with the E-City Game.. After the briefing teams are taken to the starting point. Teams are given an allocated amount of time to collect answers to as many questions as possible. They are not allowed to use Tourism Information Centre and guide books however they may talk to the locals.

The winner team is the one that have collected the most answers. If several teams have the same number of collected answers, the winner is the team with the more detailed answers. Guide and assistant meet teams at the finishing point which is pre-arranged with you.

During the show assistant collects and counts all the correct answers and announces the winner after the show. The winning team is awarded a prize while everyone else will receive a small gift for taking part.

All code games can be themed to suit your company profile, a great activity that will bring the best out of everyone involved. We can even incporate questions and brand the game to your company.

Ideal for group size of 20 persons and above.

Define effective processes to solve the problems
Discover the power of a common team language
Respond quickly and efficiently to change in order to win the overall challenge
Increase effective communication
Improve team effectiveness

Highlight focus and commitment
Empower individuals
Set team standards

What’s included

English-speaking guide
Code game experience
Prizes for winning team
Tablets will be provided for each team

Minimum persons: 12
Maximum persons: 200
Duration (door to door):2 hour(s)

What’s included

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