The international entertaining event that unites all the fans of a great detective has been hosted in the capital of Latvia 3 times already during the first week of January (the famous detective was on 6th of January).

Significantly, Riga was a prime location for shooting the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” series, acted by Vasily Livanov, who is awarded with a membership of the Order of British Empire. So the city now supports the current global trend with unique event – “Sherlock Holmes’s Birthday”.

Event aims to bring together attractive followers of Holmes and other characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective story to participate in a costume parade. Over the last two years, the event was attended by over 1000 people from 10 different countries. The best images of Holmes will be traditionally awarded with prizes.

The day is full of events like Victorian dressed-up people masquerade parade, concerts, the parade of British dog breeds and a lot of other festive activities including “Sherlock Holmes Cinema” festival movie shows, Holmes style photo shoots and a variety of other surprises.

This year this colorful event will take place on January 9th and will bring together a record number of Miss, Mrs, and the gentlemen at the center of our city. 2016 will be a jubilee year. This joyful and colorful event held in Riga for the fifth consecutive year has become increasingly popular among the inhabitants of our country and the tourists from the different countries as well.

It is a wonderful occasion for everyone to become an actor, a celebrity caught on camera just for one day. And for those who are not yet ready for transformation the organizers have prepared a lot of fun and memorable activities from the Holmes Academy for the whole family to the entertaining quests and movie locations tours that pick the most iconic places featured in the legendary series about the adventures of the great detective.

In 2016, his colleagues, investigators from all over the world will come to visit the great detective. A Russian detective Erast Fandorin, an English amateur detective Miss Marple, Paris Commissioner Maigret, a Catholic priest-detective Father Brown and a Belgian detective Hercule Poirot have already confirmed their participation.
Celebration will start at 12.00 at the building of the National Art Museum (K.Valdemāra 10a).

Gathering place was not chosen by chance since the several episodes of the first films in the series, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson,” directed by Igor Maslennikov were filmed there. A costumed procession through the streets of the city center to the festive scene in the Old Town at 15 Kalķu Street will begin at 13.00 (it’s next to the Hotel Roma). It will be a costumes parade where the jury will select the most deserving for the subsequent nominations and awards.

All the subsequent events will be held at the building of the Great Guild at 6 Amatu Street. It is going to be a long, action-packed day so we ask our guests and participants in advance to save their exuberant energy and, of course, hone the deductive method. Ceremony Award in 6 following categories will take place from 14.30 to 15.00 at The Great Guild Hall:


The jury has a wide variety of special awards and prizes and unexpected nominations as well. Do not miss the awards ceremony!

The award ceremony is followed by the festive theatrical and musical performances featuring several fragments from the Latvian National Theatre’s musical “The Legend of the Baskervilles,” children’s music and vocal ensembles, brass and string orchestras, and many other amazing artists.

As a part of the gala concert, an amazing show, a parade of the British dog breeds will be held at the Great Guild Hall supported by
About 50 rare precious dogs will demonstrate their beauty, intelligence, and grace.

Children and their parents will be able to take a young detective short course at the Children’s Academy of Holmes, which is traditionally supported by the experts of the State Police.

Chemistry, graphology, fingerprinting, physiognomy, professional make-up, even music lessons and much more prepared for children from 3 to 16 years of age, will be held in two languages, Latvian and Russian. Free of charge.

All lovers of the late English breakfast can enjoy oatmeal at the Barrymore’s café on the 2nd floor of the Great Guild.
“Oatmeal, sir” – became one of the favorite parts of the program for our guests.

For the photography masterpieces please go to our studio “At Bartillion” located on the 2nd floor of the Great Guild. There, you can dress up in costumes like Holmes or Mrs. Hudson and take a memorable picture.

The evening screenings will be followed by after-party.

Pre-register by phone 371 26468131 or e-mail:
For detailed event information please see the program at

The festival organizers are grateful for the Riga Tourism Development Bureau Live Riga support. Organizes holiday: Marketing Agency PR LĪNIJA and society “Holmes & Co”.

Program 2016

12.00 -13.00
Gathering and registration of the parade participants will take place at the steps of the National Art Museum’s building (K.Valdemāra 10a).

Contest will be held in the following nominations:

All portrayals of the great detective are welcomed and accepted (from the book and film iconic images to your own personal interpretations). It’s not necessarily a whole suit from “A” to “Z,” just enough details to create a recognizable image.

All of your favorite characters portrayal will be represented in this contest: from the most beloved Dr. Watson and dangerous but charismatic Professor Moriarty to the kindest Mrs. Hudson and beautiful Irene Adler. Sir Henry Mortimer, Barrymore and many others will take part in the colorful procession.
Please send your request for the costume contest application to

/ “A True Gentleman” (representation of any character from Holmes to Moriarty)
/ “Mrs. Hudson’s Dog” (any representation of a “female” doggy)
/ “The Best Duet” (matching owner and dog costumes)

The contest is supported by

Costumes for the four-legged friends can be ordered from “Lusi & Olsi” and “Vanilly accessories.”

Every year our colorful parade involves young actors imagining themselves as Holmes, constables, friends of the great detective, and as the granddaughters of Mrs. Hudson as well. This year will be full of surprises for the youngest participants, and the best of the best will receive titles of honor and prizes. The contest is supported by the children’s fashion brand “Lazy Francis.”

The contest is supported by


13.00 – 13.30
A festive procession to the main stage of the event located in the center of Old Town at Kalķu 15 (next to the Hotel Roma).

14.30 – 15.00
Awards ceremony will take place at the Great Guild.

12.00 – 18.00
Various classes are taught by the experts at a childhood education center “Holmes Academy” (Great Guild, Amatu 6). Classes are supported by the State Police.
Kids and adults will be able to learn and practice investigation skills and discover the true detective’s best kept secrets as well.
Music, chemistry, graphology and fingerprinting, physiognomy and professional make-up lessons, and much more will be awaiting you.
All classes are free, held in two languages (Russian & Latvian) for children from 3 to 16 years of age.

15.00 – 17.00
Gala concert at the Great Guild Hall. Festivities include a concert, recitals, various performances featuring amazing actors, singers, bagpipers, classical musicians, and so on, a costume contest, as well as a parade of the British dog breeds, followed by awards ceremony.

15.30 – 16.00
A parade of the British dog breeds will be held in the Great Guild Hall / supported by

14.00 – 17.00
“Oatmeal, sir” – a traditional breakfast for Sirs and Lords of the good old England (the Great Guild). Eating in gloves, only 🙂

14.00 – 18.00
Retro photography salon “At Bertillon” in vintage ambiance of Baker Street is located at Great Guild Hall, Amatu 6. In addition to an unforgettable picture, Mrs. Hudson will serve a cup of tea and a biscuit. Photos will be available on the spot.
Pre-registration: tel. + 37129148691.

On the third floor of the Great Guild you will find a small exhibition of hats and an opportunity to take a picture wearing the most exotic headdresses. Also, everyone is invited to participate in a creative workshop of a top hat making. This event is supported by the ethnic museum “The World of Hat.”

11.00 – 17.00
Movie locations tours will take you for an unforgettable journey through some of the most memorable sites on the Old Riga featured in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” directed by I.Maslennikov. Pre-register by phone 371 26468131 or e-mail:
Participation fee.

Starting from 12.00
Several adventure quests with unexpected plot twists and difficult tasks will be offered for the most advanced modern detectives on the day of the celebration: an urban photoquest “Secrets of the Brotherhood,” a role-playing game set in an atmosphere of a Victorian detective “House with a double bottom,” and a detective quest “The Smith Family.”

Holmes of the 21st century use modern technology, a system of micro-location KNOQ which makes investigation and catching criminals a lot easier.
Do not forget to download the free mobile KNOQ application at and register online to participate in quests at

KNOQ – a system of micro-locations which organizes the delivery of all digital and other targeted content to all mobile devices in the zone of its action and provides indoors/outdoors navigation service with the provision to the interactive services.
This novelty will help players obtain the necessary information and solve their cases.
More information

/ An urban photo quest “Secrets of the Brotherhood”
an artifact adventure on the narrow streets of the old town is suitable for kids and adults alike.
During the investigation of a secret society’s plot you will discover the medieval legends and mysteries of Riga. Perhaps you will see a very different city whose existence you had never even suspected.

/ A live action role-playing game set in an atmosphere of the Victorian detective “House with a double bottom.”
This quest will bring together all who are willing to become heroes of a tangled story with an unexpected end.

/ Detective game “The Smith Family”
awaits those who will not be afraid to fall under suspicion of murdering a rich uncle.

Starting from 19.00
After-party. Restaurant “Andalūzijas suns” (Elizabetes 83)

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