Sports bar and restaurant Barons has been open to public for several years already but still remains quite a hidden spot even for locals. Holding the same name as the Latvian basketball team “Barons” this bar slash restaurant is located in the centre of the town but slightly of the hustle and traffic jams of it.

Baron received his first visitors in the spring of 2001, and of course those were Barons basketball team players, who had a Bank Cup finals party in the restaurant. Quite often guests in Barons are players of Latvian hockey team who dine here every now and then. Press conferences of various sports federations and teams are often held here. Total area of the venue is around 370 square meters facilities are located on three floors – basement, 1st and 2nd. The basement area is fireplace-hall (Kamīnzāle) for 40 people, and on a 1st floor – a lounge area and disco bar to fit 150 people.

A typical afternoon visitor of Barons would be some local office worker or business man, so in general atmosphere and environment are quite business-like. Closer to evenings and weekends atmosphere gets less formal and more laid back. This place is also visited by families with kids over weekends quite often. But mood does tend to change depending on the events organized and held. When it comes to Latvian’s most popular sport of ice hockey, you will always see and most importantly hear a massive crowd of sports fans playing trumpets and drums, and waving flags.

If you are willing to get a place reserved for some family or corporate celebration and banquet (up to 250 guests), Barons can sort you out too. You can also hire premises with all necessary equipment for various seminars, conferences and presentations. Its rooms held in commercial, medical, construction and other business seminars, as well as at film premieres, clothing presentations and fashion shows.

In general Barons is a nice sports bar/restaurant if you want to spend with you family and friends in a cosy atmosphere. The downside is that it is a bit further from the main town centre, so getting in here is not that easy when you are a tourist, but a taxi should not cost more than 3 Lats from the Old Town .

Kr. Barona 108,
Rīga, Town Centre

Phone number: +371 67298462
Management: +371 67299707

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 11:00 – 22:00 (until the last customer)
Sat 12:00 – 22:00 (until the last customer)
Sun 12:00 – 21:00 (until the last customer)

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