Riga Guide is a brainchild of several Latvian and British students, who, over several beers in Riga came up with an idea of this project. The fantastic four set out to conquer the world, armed only with a dream and MacBooks. We still have the dream, and still have the MacBooks!

But if seriously then

Riga Guide is set to become a leading provider of urban information, supplying locally produced, practical information for hundreds of interesting places all over Riga town directly from the locals

Our mission is to make sure that all those interesting places in Riga are gathered up in one cosy site, so that you can find anything you want in this lovely town easily, and your stay is pleasant. And oh yeah, we provide a live chat, so you can get useful info, a tip and advise directly from one of us instantly.

The good stuff is also that all information that you see is free of charge!


Some information published on Riga Guide is generated by materials sent to us by the visitors and users of this site, therefore some visual or text materials or parts of the 3rd party content could be used. We use image materials that could be found in the public domain, e.g. Google, Wikipedia, Fickr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We operate on a “notice and takedown” basis. If you have any complaints or objections to material or content including user messages and comments posted on this site, or if you believe that material or content posted on this site infringes a copyright that you hold, please contact us immediately. Once this procedure has been followed we will make all reasonable endeavours to remove such content within a reasonable time.

Riga Guide team