Give your mate the surprise of his life that he will never forget on his stag weekend! You Kidnap The Stag!

Rules are simple:

Stage a kidnapping on his supposed happy and exciting night out and find out how he will react to everything that will happen around him. Kidnapping the stag during his stag do has been around for awhile but it never failed to give any poor sod the surprise of his life. Book this activity and give him a weekend to remember. What better way to do this than frame your friend with drug trafficking or any related serious crime that will make his imagination run wild with lifetime imprisonment and beating inside one of the worst prisons in Eastern Europe!

How do you kidnap the stag?

That’s easy. Your friend will be lured to one of Riga’s pubs. From there, a lot of things can be planned to happen to make sure this will be the best and somewhat frightening stag party surprise he deserves. But for the real feel of what’s happening, the cooperation of everyone is a must. Be aware though – the kidnapping process feels so real so it’s not recommended to wimpy stags.

Tip: Give the party a twist by kidnapping a stag before he can actually enjoy this time in Riga. Don’t forget to capture everything on the video camera so you can always recall these moments with your mates.


a) Marked Police Car
c) Uniformed officers
d) Blindfolded Journey
e) English-speaking guide
f) Lap Dance Club Performance for a Stag
g) Provision of Video-recording Solutions


Door to door: 1-2 hours
Average transfer time: 15-20 mins

Groups and Prices

From: 33 EUR per person
Smaller groups and individuals are welcome with price-list available upon request.