One of the most popular leisure activities in Riga these days is a “Quest Room Experience”. You will find yourself locked in a room with your mates with a mission to solve riddles, mysteries and trying to escape it in 60 minutes while working together as a team. It is a great entertainment for friends, family or work colleagues for any time of the year. We’ve put together the best handpicked Riga Quest Rooms in one place for you. One team, 60 minutes, no time to waste. Can you make it?


This quest is played with two to four participants. One child under the age of 10 can participate as a fifth member of the team. The minimum age to play is 12 years, but with adults only. Independently, players can participate in the game from the age of 16.



Immerse yourself in the mysterious story of the professor who dedicated his whole life studying paranormal activities, UFO’s, anomalous zones, extraterrestrial civilizations and subtle energies. The professor has disappeared under unknown circumstances, but has left behind extremely important scientific work that you have to find. The room is full of secrets, mysteries and all that seems quite usual may not be that obvious in the detailed study.



New unforgettable adventure, in which you will dive into unknown mysteries from the times of Leonardo da Vinci. Full plunge into the atmosphere developed up to tiny detail, hidden caches, sophisticated mechanisms and unusual quests. At this time you need not only get out of the room, but also to abduct the Holy Grail.



London was stunned by a series of horrific crimes. Sherlock Holmes, who started to investigate the case, leaved the city due to urgent trip to Swiss Alps. You have a unique opportunity to finish his investigation! At Sherlock’s home you’ll find some clues and hints, which will help you to reveal the name of a criminal and predict location of his next crime!


«SECRET PRISON № “2914”»

Feel like a prisoner who dreams of a prison break and try to fulfil that in 60 minutes! You will have an opportunity to find out why you’ve been locked in the cell and solve the mystery of the skeleton in the electric chair…



You find yourself in a long-long time people abandoned apartment with the only way out of that is opening a locked 7 durable door locks…



You are locked up in an underground bunker with a time ticking bomb. You have only 60 minutes to free yourself. Hurry up! You need to get out of the bunker as quick as you can.



Based on a world acclaimed movie, this room can definitely send some shivers down your spine. Revive the most horrific moments of the Saw 1 movie and try escape the room in 60 minutes. Cherish your life!
ATTENTION! Pregnant, children and persons with mental illness can`t participate in “Saw” room quest.