Riga was called Paris of the North for reason. Such an amount of cozy Cafés, Coffee Shops and Tea-rooms on a square meter is unbelievable. You can have your soft drink, chill and have a chat with friends in any type of a place and with any interior design, ambience, music crown inside you can only imagine. This town has a great variety of places for locals and travellers and budgets. This section cover Cafés, Coffee Shops and Tea-rooms.


Tip 1:
“In most cases every single Cafés and Coffee Shop has a menu with prices mentioned. However still, make sure you always ask a price in advance and a receipt after to avoid any hidden charges.”

Tip 2:
“Unless otherwise noted, tips are usually not asked to be paid. Riga is not New York, and you don’t have to pay a tip obligatory unless your really want that yourself.”

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