Riga really has It all to offer when it comes to the hotels and lodging. You can stay in an ultra modern design hotel in the Old Town or a beautiful suite with private terrace and Jacuzzi if you don’t mind spending your hard-earned cash.

Those travelling on a budget can choose from plenty of B&Bs, hostels and even a few recently opened low-cost hotels. This section cover Hotels type of lodging. If you are after cheaper options, then Hostels page will show you the best selection.

Accommodation and lodging – Tips

Tip 1:

“Historically, you’ will pay more for accommodation in the summer time, than you will during winter, but since many hotels have had a rough time during the ongoing financial crisis it’s definitely worth checking around for the best deal”

Tip 2:

“Unless otherwise noted, breakfast and VAT are included in the prices listed”

Accommodation and lodging – Map

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Accommodation and lodging – Book your stay

Book a room

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